New Home For Byword

Part-owner and Byword’s caretaker since his arrival in South Africa in 2013 said “We’re kind of sad, but very happy at the same time. He wasn’t for sale and this deal has been in discussion for the last 3-4 months. To be honest, had the offer come from anyone else, the answer would probably have been no, but we have reached a good mutual agreement and we are just thrilled. It is undoubtedly the right move for the stallion. I have always believed that this horse has all the credentials to make a champion sire and put my money where my mouth is with the purchase as well as supporting him at stud.”

“They say good horses do anything -and he’s just one of those horses. He’s been an absolute pleasure to work with, right from the get go. He has an amazing temperament – you can take a child in with him and I believe in him 100%. Probably now more than ever. I sent him all my mares last year and will be doing the same again this year. Everyone who supported him last year is coming back again and it’s wonderful to know that he’s got that kind of backing. He’s had very good support so far, but we all know how hard it is to make a stallion. We are committed to making him a success and we simply couldn’t turn down an opportunity like this.”

“We’ve discussed it with all the shareholders and the many Middlefield clients who have supported Byword so far and everyone is behind us 100%. It will mean spending a lot of time on the road during the breeding season, but we’ve bought a new 4-berth horsebox so that we can comfortably move 2 mares with foals at foot and a few hours in the road is really a minor consideration for the opportunities we are gaining for our stallion.”

“This partnership offers an unparalleled opportunity to get Byword the quality as well as the quantity of mares he needs to give him every chance to make it in the South African stallion ranks. We have sold the controlling share, but we get the best of both worlds as we still get to remain very involved. It goes without saying that it is an incredible honour and privilege to be part of the Wilgerbosdrift and Mauritzfontein teams and we are looking forward to working with Jessica, Mary, Guy and Jehan.”