PEINTRE CELEBRE – European Champion at 3, and the fastest ‘Arc’ winner ever. Won 5 of 7 starts (1600-2400m)  incl G1 GP de Paris, G1 Prix du Jockey Club, G1 Prix de l’Arc de Triomphe. Rated Timeform 137

Sire & broodmare sire of Gr1 winners worldwide.

Peintre Celebre

Peintre Celebre’s supreme performance in the Arc was clearly the best by a horse trained in Europe in 1997 and one of the best at middle distances in recent times.

Notable progeny incl. Pride (00f – Alleged, Vaguely Noble); Peppertree Lane (03c – Tirol, Alpenkonig); Art Deco (03c – Royal Academy, Chief Singer); Fantastic Love (00c – Sadler’s Wells, Mill Reef); Mister Monet (01c, Commanche Run, Prince Tenderfoot); Vallee Enchantee (02f – Lear Fan, Nureyev); Three Graces (00c – Kris, High Top); Senor Dali (03c – Distant Relative, Mill Reef); Joe Bear (00c – Red Ransom, Son Ange); Proponent (04c – Chief’s Crown, Luthier); Mutahayya (01c – Riverman, Nijinsky); Castledale (01c – Silver Hawk, Secretariat); Pearl of Love (01c – Seattle Slew, Mr Prospector); Dai Jin (00c – Shirley Heights, Seattle Slew); Mr Sandgroper (00c – Rancher, Sir Tristram); Super Celebre (00c – Woodman, Jim French); Byword (06c – Woodman, Rainbow Quest); Collection (05c – American Chance, Bailjumper); Celtic Celeb (07c – Gay Mecene, Sea Bird); Prairie Star (08c – Arazi, Fabulous Dancer); Mighty High (06c – Linamix, Affirmed); Jam Alley (01c – Lyphard, Alleged); La Pomme d’Amour (08f – Kris, So Blessed); Xanadou (09c – Stravinsky, Affirmed); Splendid Celebre (08f – Fitzcarraldo, Seattle Slew); Mighty High (06c – Linamix, Affirmed); etc.



  • 1st Dam: Binche (99f Woodman): ran twice; UK Broodmare of the Year 2010; dam of
    • BYWORD (06c Peintre Celebre): subject stallion (TFR 126)
    • PROVISO (05f Dansili): 9 wins, G1 Just-a-Game S., G1 Frank E Kilroe Mile, G1 Diana S., G1 First Lady S.; 2nd G1 Santa Monica Hcp, Gr1 Fillies Mile, G1 Spinster S.; 3rd Gr1 Prix Rothschild, Gr1 Prix Saint-Alary, Gr3 Prix Vantaux, Gr3 Prix Chloe, Gr3 Prix de Psyche (TFR 121)

  • 2nd Dam: BINARY (93f Rainbow Quest): 3 wins, Prix de Tuileries-(L); 2nd Gr3 Prix de Psyche (TFR 109); dam of
    • BINARY FILE (98c Nureyev): 12 wins, Strensall S.-(L); 2nd Gr2 Prix Dollar (TFR 115); sire
    • Binche (99f Woodman): – see above
  • 3rd Dam: Balabina (84f Nijinsky): won; 3rd Sir Charles Clore Mem. S.; 4th Gr2 Sun Chariot S. (TFR 110); dam of
    • BINARY (93f Rainbow Quest): – see above
    • BAL HARBOUR 91c Shirley Heights): 4 wins, Gala S.-(L), Superlative S.-(L); 2nd Gr3 Prix Gontaut-Biron; 3rd Gr2 Hardwicke S. (TFR 113)
    • BEQUEATH (92c Rainbow Quest): 2 wins, Fred Archer S.-(L) (TFR 118)
    • Bina Gardens (94f Shirley Heights): 2 wins; 3rd Aston Park S.-(L) (TFR 98)
    • Bolivia (02f Distant View): did not race; dam of
      • Cochabamba (08f Hurricane Run): 2 wins; 2nd Gr2 Rockfel S., Gr3 Prestige S., Star S.-(L) (TFR 102)
  • 4th Dam: PEACE (66f Klairon): won Blue Seal S.-(L) (only start at 2; TFR 113); dam of
    • PEACETIME (79c Nijinsky): 3 wins, Gr3 Classic Trial, Predominate S.-(L) (TFR 125); sire in South Africa; sire of Gr1 winners Evening Mist, Golden Peak, Proud Pilgrim, Saintly Lady, Sweet Secret.
    • QUIET FLING (72c Nijinsky): 5 wins, Gr1 Coronation Cup, Gr2 John Porter S.; 2nd Gr1 Irish St Leger, Gr1 Coronation Cup; 3rd Gr2 Hardwicke S. (TFR 124); sire
    • Balabina (84f Nijinsky): won – see above
    • De Stael (83f Nijinsky): 2 wins; dam of
      • WANDESTA (91f Nashwan): 7 wins, G1 Santa Anita Hcp, G1 Santa Barbara Hcp, G1 Matriarch S., G1 Invitational Hcp, G2 San Gorgonio Hcp, G2 Las Palmas Hcp; 2nd G1 San Luis Rey S.; 3rd G1 Matriarch S. (2x), G1 Beverley Hills S., G1 Invitational Hcp (TFR 121)
      • DE QUEST (92c Rainbow Quest): 3 wins, Gr2 Prix du Conseil de Paris; 2nd Gr2 Prix Jean de Chaudenay; 3rd Gr1 Coronation Cup (TFR 120); sire
      • SOURCE OF LIGHT (89c Rainbow Quest): 7 wins, Chester S.-(L); 2nd Winter Hill S.-(L); 3rd July Trophy-(L), Glorious S.-(L) (TFR 107)
      • TURNER’S HILL (90c Top Ville): 3 wins, Prix d’Avily-(L), GP de Compiegne-(L); 2nd Gr2 Prix du Conseil de Paris; 3rd Gr2 Prix Maurice de Nieuil (TFR 114)
      • Valencia (94f Kenmare): ran once; dam of
        • DEPORTIVO (00c Night Shift): 6 wins, Gr2 Flying Five, Rose Bowl S.-(L), King Of Beers S.-(L), R Faught Mem. S.-(L) (TFR 116)
        • IRISH VALE (99c Wolfhound): 2 wins, Harry Rosebery S.-(L) (TFR 95)
    • ARMISTICE DAY (76c Rheingold): 9 wins, Gr3 Prix Exbury, GP de Marseilles-(L); 2nd Gr1 Prix Ganay; 3rd Gr2 Prix d’Harcourt, Gr3 Pr Tesio (TFR 121); sire
    • PEACEFUL (71c Crepello): 7 wins, Bessborough Hcp-(L) (TFR 104)
    • INTERMISSION (73f Stage Door Johnny): 3 wins, Cambridgeshire Hcp-(L) (TFR 117); dam of
      • INTERIM (91f Sadler’s Wells): 5 wins, G2 La Prevoyante Hcp; 2nd Gr3 Lancashire Oaks (TFR 117); dam of
        • MIDSHIPS (05c Mizzen Mast): 5 wins, G1 Charles Wittingham Hcp, G2 San Juan Capistrano Hcp, G2 San Luis Rey Hcp; 3rd G1 Hollywood Derby (TFR 120)
        • PRINCIPAL ROLE (07f Empire Maker): 5 wins, Hoppings S.-(L), Severals S.-(L); 3rd Gr1 Nassau S.; G2 Sheepshead Bay S., G3 Beaugay S. (TFR 115)
        • Interim Payment (02f Red Ransom): 2 wins; dam of
          • TEMIDA (08f Oratorio): 4 wins, Gr1 GP von Bayern; 3rd Gr2 German 1000 Guineas (TFR 113)
      • Interruption (95f Zafonic): dam of
        • MUCH FASTER (01f Fasliyev): 4 wins, Gr2 Prix Robert Papin, Gr3 Prix du Bois; 2nd Gr1 Prix Morny (TFR 113)
      • INTERVAL (84f Habitat): 4 wins, Gr2 Prix Maurice de Gheest; 2nd Gr2 Lowther S.; 3rd Gr1 1000 Guineas (TFR 122)
        • Krisia (92f Kris): won; dam of
          • CONTINENT (97c Lake Coniston): 5 wins, Gr1 July Cup, Gr1 Prix de l’Abbeye; 2nd Gr2 Kings Stand S. (TFR 123)
        • Imbabala (95f Zafonic): won; dam of
          • ZAMBEZI SUN (04c Dansili): 4 wins, Gr1 Grand Prix de Paris, Gr2 Prix Foy; 2nd Gr2 GP de Chantilly; 3rd Gr2 Prix Niel (TFR 121)
        • SHORT PAUSE (99c Sadler’s Wells): 6 wins, Gr3 Prix d’Hedouville; 2nd Gr2 Prix Dollar, Gr2 Prix d’Harcourt, Gr2 Prix Foy, Gr2 Prix Maurice de Nieuil; 3rd Gr2 Prix d’Harcourt (TFR 119)
      • Welcome Break (80f Wollow): did not race; dam of
        • INVITED GUEST (84f Be My Guest): 10 wins, G2 San Gorgino S., Gr3 Candelabra S., Gr3 Fillies Mile, Gr3 Prix de Psyche, G3 Golden Poppy Hcp, G3 Dahlia Hcp; 2nd G1 Apple Blossom Hcp, G1 Milady Hcp (TFR 115)
    • Flaming Peace (81f Lyphard): did not win; dam of
      • FLAMING TORCH (87f Rousillon): 5 wins, G3 Athenia Hcp; 2nd G2 La Prevoyante S.; 3rd G2 New York Hcp (2x)


BYWORD chestnut, 2006 – 16.0hh

Byword Pedigree



Suitable lines explored

he dream is to breed a champion. Our theory is to do it with kin-breeding. This means inbreeding to female-line ancestors whose pedigrees contain high proportions of the same background elements, and therefore are close kin. Routinely, the starting point is with the 6th dam from the bottom female line, to pinpoint a significant female ancestor, and to see how the elements stack up through the generations. Good horses invariably have a solid build-up, generation after generation, paving the way for future success.


Byword’s female line foundation is a strong one, the build-up kin-linked generation after generation. Here’s how it goes. 


Way back along the bottom female line, the mare Point Duty, kinbred 2×2 *Grand Geraldine x *Third Trick (the asterisk denotes bottom female line of parents).

Next Sun Helmet (Hyperion x Point Duty), kinbred 2x3x3 *Selene x Grand Geraldine x *Third Trick.

Next Suntime (Precipitation x Sun Helmet), kinbred 4x4x4x4 Lady Bawn x *Flo Desmond x Grand Geraldine x *Third Trick.

Things come to a head in the next generation, Sun Rose (Mossborough x Suntime). The kin-breeding moves in closer again, but retains its background links: 2×1 *All Moonshine x *Suntime, 2×2 *All Moonshine x *Sun Helmet, and 3x4x5x5 *Selene x Selene x Grand Geraldine x *Third Trick.

Things stay on track in the mare Peace (Klairon x Sun Rose), kinbred 3x3x3x3 Columba x *Sweet Lavender x All Moonshine x *Sun Helmet.

A build-up like this is unusual, and invariably the close links are interrupted.

That happened with Balabina (Nijinsky x Peace). The kin-link is further back again, but with an earlier significant line: 7×6 *Torpenhow x *Pinprick, and 8×7 *Papola x *Third Trick (*Papola is Nijinsky’s significant female line ancestor; his build-up appears to be through her).

Remarkably, the earlier close sequence was restored in Binary (Rainbow Quest x Balabina), kinbred 3×1 *Where You Lead x *Balabina, and 4x4x3 Aimee x *Noblesse x *Sun Rose.

The momentum remained in Binche (Woodman x Binary), kinbred 3×4 *Intriguing x *Sun Rose, with in the background 7×9 *La Troienne x *Third Trick and 8×9 *Helene de Troie x *Third Trick (*La Troienne is Woodman’s significant ancestor).

The final step, to Byword, saw the kin-breeding move out again, with 7x9x10 Simon’s Shoes x *Avonbeg x *Pinprick, and 7x9x11 *Avonbeg x *Third Trick – which may seem remote, but involves the significant female line ancestor of Peintre Celebre, *Avonbeg, and the one of Peintre Celebre’s sire Nureyev, *Simon’s Shoes).


Where From Here

A female line build-up like this raises expectations of highclass performers through the generations. The theory of female line kin-breeding suggests that closely kinbred mares are the ones most likely to throw the bomb.

The sires who gave the close kin-breeding with the female line should be regarded as significant signposts for future generations.

We look at both.

Byword’s dam Binche (3×4) got two Gr1 winners, Byword (by Peintre Celebre) and half sister Proviso (by Dansili).

Byword’s 4th dam Peace (3x3x3x3) got Gr1 winner Quiet Fling (by Nijinsky) and his full brother Peacetime (sire in SA), full sister Balabina (3rd dam of Byword) and another full sister De Stael, who bred Gr1 winner Wandesta (by Nashwan, and kinbred 5x5x5 *Hypericum x All Moonshine x *Sun Helmet). Wandesta has two highclass half brothers by Rainbow Quest (also the sire of Byword’s grandam Binary).

Suntime (4x4x4x4) has a full sister Sanlinea, who got Gr1 winner and successful sire Amerigo. Sanlinea also is dam of the mare Rosario, who is very close kin to her full sister Suntime’s daughter Sun Rose. Interesting in this context is that Rosario is bottom female line of champions Bodrum and Horse Chestnut. More interestingly, Horse Chestnut’s dam Nalatale (dam of Bodrum) is very close kin to Byword’s 4th dam Peace. Horse Chestnut’s female line is well represented in the SA mare population and should go well with Byword.

Another notable similarity is between Byword’s 3rd dam Balabina (the full sister to Peacetime) and English champion 2yo filly Cherry Hinton. Both are daughters of Nijinsky, their grandams are by Mossborough and have the same third dam, Point Duty. Cherry Hinton has female line descendants in SA, through the Avontuur-mare Cherry Pepper.

The sires who made for close kin-breeding with Byword’s female line include Rainbow Quest (and also connecting to his sire Blushing Groom), Klairon, Mossborough. The mare Selene through her son Hyperion and daughter All Moonshine (dam of Mossborough) presumably will also count through her other sons Pharamond, Sickle and Hunter’s Moon.

The female line of Simon’s Shoes and daughter Dalmary is noted in the family through Nureyev (Peintre Celebre, Binary File, Irish Vale, Much Faster) and Golden Thatch (sire of highclass sprinter Wild Amber, whose grandam is by Mossborough out of Sanlinea). Sadler’s Wells fits into the mix – he’s grandsire of Horse Chestnut, through Fort Wood (whose dam Fall Aspen is all about Selene), sire of Gr2 winner Interim (dam of G1 Midships, grandam of Gr1 Temida, by Oratorio), and sire of Gr3 winner Short Pause.

Lake Coniston got Gr1 sprinter Continent (his best son), who is kinbred 5×4 *Gibellina x *Peace, and whose dam has a double Mossborough.

Nashwan (by Blushing Groom), sire of Wandesta, is from the female line of kin-link Hypericum, a daughter of Feola who is widespread. Blushing Groom was earlier noted in Byword’s grandam Binary, kinbred 4x4x3 Aimee x *Noblesse x *Sun Rose. This leads to Jallad, who is kinbred 3×3 *Aimee x *Ajasco. The latter is close kin to both Noblesse and Sun Rose, making for a strong bond.

And Nijinsky, who did so well with Peace, leading to their son Peacetime who died after seven seasons in SA. His Gr1 winners include Golden Peak, Evening Mist, Sweet Secret, Saintly Lady and Proud Pilgrim – suggesting that the female lines of these might also go well with Byword.


Pick Of The Bunch

Suitable lines for Byword could include

  1. Byword’s female line descendants, notably Peacetime; Horse Chestnut & Bodrum (and sisters); Cherry Pepper & daughters.
  2. Rainbow Quest (Spectrum, Saumarez) and his sire Blushing Groom (Jallad, Kabool, Our Casey’s Boy, Waldoboro, Lundy’s Liability, Comic Blush, etc.).
  3. Mossborough (Dupont, Casey Tibbs, Centenary, Kabool, Saumarez, Spectrum, Tobe Or Nottobe) and other strong backgrounds of the mare Selene (Fort Wood, Kabool, Forli, mares from the E-family, etc.).
  4. Dalmary (Simon’s Hoes) female line descendants, notably Sadler’s Wells (Fort Wood, Horse Chestnut, Casey Tibbs, Cherry Pepper, etc.), Nureyev (Caesour, Wolfhound, Tobe Or Nottobe, Var, Parade Leader, etc.), Fairy King (Tara’s Halls, Second Empire), Golden Thatch (Goldmark), Waterville Lake, Thatching, etc.
  5. Feola female line descendants, notably Hypericum (Nashwan, Right Approach), Round Table/Monarchy (Lecture), Aureole, etc.
  6. Nijinsky (Dancing Champ, Silvano, Lecture, Indigo Magic, Russian Fox, Victory Moon, Parade Leader, Right Approach, Tamburlaine, etc.).


Coolmore’s take on mating suggestions for Byword’s sire PEINTRE CELEBRE

Inbreeding to Northern Dancer is no obstacle to success for Peintre Celebre. For example, his topclass daughter Vallee Enchantee is inbred 2×3 to Nureyev, and his classic winning son Dai Jin is inbred 3×4 to Northern Dancer.

Peintre Celebre sired the Group winner Trincot and Art deco from Royal Academy (Nijinsky) mares, and a Gr2 Australian winner from a granddaughter of Nijinsky. His dual Gr1 winner (& sire) Helene Mascot has a dam by Nijinsky’s grandson Kahyasi.

Nureyev and Sadler’s Wells appear together in the pedigree of several Gr1 winners including the brilliant miler Henrythenavigator. Peintre Celebre’s smart son Fantastic Love is out of a Sadler’s Wells mare.

Mares by Danehill, a son of Danzig, must be considered, especially as Peintre Celebre sires Gr3 winner Chaibia from a Dayjur mare.

Peintre Celebre’s top Australian sprinter Bentley Biscuit is out of a Last Tycoon mare. He has a couple of good winners out of Lyphard mares, and his Gr1 winning daughter Belle et Celebre has a Pharly mare as her second dam. He also has two very useful winners out of mares by Linamix, a stallion from the Lyphard line.

The Blushing Groom line provided Peintre Celebre with plenty of success, his Gr1 winner Belle et Celebre, his good daughter Kareemah and very useful son Buenos Dias being out of daughters of Crystal Glitters, Arazi and Rainbow Quest. He also has a Listed winner out of a Nashwan mare.

Riverman sired the second dams of Airmail Special and Chaibia. Irish River is the broodmare sire of Louvre Royale. Peintre Celebre sired Dai Jin and Airmail Special from Shirley Heights mares and Katiyra from a daughter of Darshaan (Shirley Heights).

Mares by sons of Roberto are doing exceptionally well with Peintre Celebre. He sired Gr1 performers from mares by Silver Hawk, Lear Fan and Red Ransom.

Mr Prospector sired the second dams of of the Gr1 winner Pearl Of Love, the Australin Gr2 winner Ballybleue, the Gr2 placed Vision Celebre and Listed winner Kareemah. Peintre Celebre got Byword, Super Celebre and Sudan from mares by Woodman (Mr P.). he also sired Briviesca from a daughter of Machiavellian (Mr P.) and Precious Bunny from a mare by Miswaki (Mr P.).

The Sharpen Up branch suits, and he has sired Listed winner Van Gosh, the very useful Three Graces and the Gr2 placed Buoyant from mares by Kris.

Peintre Celebre is successful with Seattle Slew blood. The US Triple Crown winner sired the dam of Gr1 winner Pearl Of Love and the second dam of classic-winning Dai Jin. His Gr3 winner Hearthstead manor is another out of a Seattle Slew mare. Secretariat, another from the Bold Ruler male line, sired the second dam of Gr1 winner Castledale.

Mares by Alleged feature as the dam of topclass French filly Pride and as second dam of SA Gr1 winner Jam Alley.

(reproduced from Coolmore Breeder’s Handbook, 2009)